I'm an ANIME-tic idol!

My dream is to become a TV anime idol and I'm got all it takes: infinite supplies of energy, cheerfullness and cuteness! Plus for some reason my face looks just like an anime character's. This is Minami Momochi, world's first anime-style celebrity-to-be!

I sing, dance and talk a lot, and also promote anime songs working as a DJ all around the world.

My TV appearances include Fuji TV's Quiz 30: Danketsu Seyo! and TV Tokyo's Tsukuriba and Goddotan. But wait, that's not all! I'm also the myoine of the light novel Catch Me in Asagaya: Ninja Mangatronique. my duties as the official guide of Asagaya's Anime Street keep Momochi busy but I still manage to find the time for weekly broadcasts from Momochi Minami's Secret Base (that's the studio's name!).

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